A little bit of Lighting

There has been some sad days after hearing of the death of Peter Lindbergh. I think if you are a photographer or avid follower of the media , fashion and art world the news has been sad. Peter Lindbergh to me was the master of light. Nothing fancy or unapproachable , just real and raw but executed with elegance. Writing this mail I am looking at the little black book next to me ” Peter Lindberg - Selected Work ” given to me as a present by Peter Christensen who I assisted for many years. The book was a gift after a three week long production from Nice in France to Boston , Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard and back to Paris. Simplicity has always been associated with the ultimate luxury and style , it is always hard to achieve something really simplistic and beautiful with realness in your own work. The challenge to create something timeless. A small book with many beautiful photo’s , I can get lost in a visual world for hours.

A moment in the street lights , Cape Town with Thatiana

The Cabbage.

Lighting. It is my keyword as a photographer. Everything I do everyday is about lighting. There are many other aspects to what I do but once I pick up my camera I need to photograph something so beautiful or natural or in my style that I make you want to lick your screen.

A dodgy pool bar has it’s charm , I would say it’s no place for someone like me who enjoys to photograph classic images. My style is not edgy or too cool , I am a classic kind of guy. But , a bar has night lights and it offers a set which I don’t have. I love shooting location for this reason , it gives you so many special lighting angles and depth.

For a few years my approach to photographing people was to be unreasonable. I pushed myself and pushed everyone around me. I lost a bit of that because I became to comfortable. If you want to move in life and achieve better things , do things which is unreasonable and uncomfortable in a way which would allow you to create more of the art that you are supposed to do instead of doing what you think you should do.

My work relationship with Thatiana was build on being unreasonable and today I think she is one of the few people who really get what I do when shooting real , raw , unretouched , almost no make up everyday scenes. A little push in the opposite direction if done with a goal to learn and grow has never hurt anyone , it creates a bit of magic in my opinion.

Chef’s Warehouse , Maison , Chef David Schneider

Shadows and food.

If you are like me , I like to create mood. The correct way to photograph this dish would be a clean lighting setup where you see every detail. A food or lingerie shoot to me is the same thing. I approach the photo as a story to create a mood. To show every detail is unnecessary , leave it to the imagination and create an image which entices you to want to look twice. Create some depth and romance.