Spring Color

A lot of Spring Colors.

Food photography. If I tell a story about a food , I think of color. Food is colorful and expressive , there is a story about the person who produced the food , then a story about the chef or cook or the team who prepared it , with wine or drinks it’s the same. There are so many stories before you get to the plate.

This past week in Pretoria has been warm for spring. It brings back all the memories of summer , summer food and summer drinks. When it’s summer in SA , I see color.

My use of color in food photography is subtle but it depends on the plate. If there is color amplify it , if it needs a little more mood then create some mood. Shadows , mood and color. I can feel the summer breeze when I photograph colorful summer food setups.

Nothing says summer to me like an Oyster !

This past weekend I worked at Appetite Fest in Pretoria for three days. When I decided to take a walk around to see whats on offer , I stumbled upon the Oyster tent outside. I didn’t order or eat an Oyster but the immediate feeling of seeing the Oyster tent sparked summer and Ocean within me.

I have been spoiled by West Coast Oysters in Langebaan working with Isabella Niehaus. Nothing to me feels more like summer than the fresh Ocean breeze and fresh Oysters on the West Coast. Style your Oysters with a bit of color and garnish and the whole experience elevates to a fresh spring summer taste sensation.

Spring Pool Days with Erre Fashion.

What about a little bit of Bold and deep color ! Dehydrated Blue Pear garnish.

Photographing and Filming on the run.
A product launch. To me the best way to film a product is on the run. A product should be filmed or photographed creating lifestyle. There is always a beautiful clean pack shot needed but lifestyle images photographed and filmed in a real environment where the product is enjoyed by a customer leads to a product story.

Photographed with available light with back light from the set and other available lights adding highlights and depth to the series.

Photographed and filmed this past weekend at Appetite Fest in Pretoria with Jack Rabbit Chocolate studio.
Chocolate Gin & Artisanal Chocolates.

Jack Rabbit Chocolate Gin at Appetite Fest 2019