A little bit of storytelling and personal branding.

It’s been a week of posting pictures of my face. It’s not something I usually do.I don’t think I will do it very soon again either , but I did it for a reason. In my world and years as a photographer I have shared my work. I have shared the work I am proud of , I have shared work which gained loads of attention , work that was personal which I really love but gained no attention. A story is always about someone , what they do , what they did , what they want to do or going to do. I posted a series of digital manipulated photoshop illustrations to tell a story , a bit of my story. My goal is not to boast about myself but rather to use this as an example of how I go about telling a story. Over the course of a week using social media as a platform I did a bit of branding and a little bit of storytelling. As a photographer I have the opportunity of telling a story each week and everyday about someone or something interesting. My journey as a photographer is not about the camera or the photographs or video’s but about the story I bring to life through my way of seeing. I have an opportunity to share something which adds value in an emotional or commercial sense and that is my goal as a storyteller.

The colors I used in my final image of the week as I have learned has a great impact on how we view online advertising and offers. These colors as I have learned attracts and leads to action on the viewers part. The ideal is to make your viewer engage and be comfortable with the message. Entice your audience with the creative visuals to be part of the story.
A lot more to learn !

Roots = A creative

Tools = A camera

Goal = Stories

I share stories using photography & Film via social channels , the internet and word of mouth to tell the stories of the people and their business I have worked with.

I often get asked what do I enjoy the best to photograph. My answer is that I enjoy to photograph a story or a series. Any product or service or person has a story. If it is lingerie , swimwear , portraits , food , a service or products the story is what matters most.

Happy Heritage Day !

I am a South African !
Born and raised , traveled and returned. Wherever I go my accent gives me away as a South African. My habits and beliefs are all based on the country I grew up in.

Whether I like all of what is happening in South Africa or not , I am a South African and no matter where I end up traveling , working or living , I will always be a South African.

My love for food photography was born in South Africa with my family. Together with so many fellow South Africans I celebrate our food culture and braai day as we prefer to light heartedly refer to Heritage day. My culture is a South African Braai , fine dined or next to the fire.

What have I done ?

A lot !
Study , learn , create , photography , edit , travel , worked , assisted , offer , share , deliver , have fun , change , do the same , move around , communicate , build friendships , lighting , build relationships , build a brand , film , collaborate , listen and tell stores.

If you had to put a 20 year journey as a photographer into a few words what would you say ? There is so much. I think the keyword which tops it above all , People.

I have worked with people. Everything I have done have been created with people. The stories and memories , travels and work , it has all been possible because of people. Working towards meeting people who I wanted to work with , be inspired by , in awe off , admire , respect , learn from , create with and have fun with.

It’s a storytelling journey with or about someone.

I recently moved from Cape Town to Pretoria.
I say recently but is has been over a year , it feels like yesterday.

The move was driven by change and desire. A desire and need to change and grow. No comfort zone brings growth and without a challenge and disruption nothing will change.

My new portrait is one part my love for the ocean and my years in Cape Town and part two , The bush. I grew up in Pretoria. It always feels like the Bushveld to me with a warm climate.

A double exposure portrait with all the elements which are important to me and also a combination of digital overlay and photography to embrace change.

Branding and being camera shy.

I think almost everyone I meet is camera shy , except the models I have photographed over the years who own it and show confidence and really enjoy being photographed.

I have always shied away from being photographed or post myself on Instagram or facebook. Similar to most people it is a natural anxiety. My interested this last year towards marketing and advertising and more focused on branding has pushed me to convince start ups and small businesses to take the gigantic leap and be filmed.

I made a deal though , If I can convince you to share your story on video then I will do the same. What I have learned from video marketing and filming is that It is not that simple , your mouth dries out and you forget your words. You think of cutting half way through and starting over or to just take a break.

However , if you start focusing on your story and your message you are delivering , you start talking in a more relaxed way as you would sitting down talking with friends.

The power of this is huge. You brand yourself , you share your own message and give value about your product , service or offer. You create trust. People as we have all heard want to work with a person so to put a face to what you do makes you more approachable. Be you , be natural and humble and real , that is the goal.

Posting video marketing has shown to be one of the best ways to reach your current or new audience without spending a penny on paid advertising.