What would we be without stories ?

The title of this blog post , What would we be without stories. In my last week I have met new creative people and completed work for companies who offer incredible services and products. What is the one thing all of these people and companies have in common ? They are all writing their story.

Stories help us make sense of the world we live in , it helps us to make sense of all the new trends and buzz words when it comes to jobs and technology. Some people are scared , some are excited and some feel left behind. I think this sums up all of us in a way. Stories are imperative to help us make sense of what the hell is going on in our ever changing world.

What does a piece of bread dough , a ballet dancer ,chocolatier , chef , restaurant , model and a lingerie brand have in common. They all have an incredible story to tell. I have realized more than ever how important it is as a marketer and image maker to communicate in stories. I love a series. A series of images of a ballet dancer , a bread maker , a film clip of a restaurant and the chef’s work , a model in lingerie moving through the light and a chocolatier restoring the wonder of chocolate in South Africa. All these people have decided to involve us in their journey with a story instead of just offering another product.

My drive as an image maker is to involve you in the journey of the bread maker , show the model in a lingerie series instead of the product. I love to create a light play with a ballet dancer rehearsing or looking dead straight into the lens. The opportunity to move with a Chef through the kitchen plating a beautiful finished dish. Smell the chocolate distilled in the gin.These are all stories enticing to tell instead of only focusing on the end product.

How to approach product photography. I think the best way is to tell a story. The product here is not kitchen equipment or a bowl or the eggs. These images are part of a Cookbook , ” Duinhuis ” with Isabella Niehaus.

Product shots.

It’s not that I don’t like shooting products. If we have to be realistic , if you want to buy something and you can’t see a clear image of what it is , you won’t buy it. There is a lot of value in a clear studio image of a product. I just enjoy creating a mood and a story.

If you have the opportunity to create something , create something which you feel proud off. Would you create a studio product shot or create a set and a mood leading into a story ? I am a sucker for a story !

A story in black and white. Moody , sexy , sensual , feminine and beautiful.

A food story , Chefs Warehouse at Maison , Chef David Schneider

What would we be without stories ? Series with Laura Bosenberg