Turning an ordinary mom into a fearless fabulous fashionista

It’s been a week of color. I started this week with a colorful shoot. Pink , red and yellow on an orange backdrop. It’s bold and bright. I tend to use more subdued colors but I must admit , I love the pink ! It’s a visual feast photographing a women wearing pink on an orange fabric backdrop. All clothing designed and manufactured by ERRE Fashion in Pretoria. The venue we photographed at is also the Erre Studio called Milner Fashion House.

Summer Color with Michelle & Erre Fashion.

” So a novice in front of the camera also having all attention focused on me was quite daunting and terrifying. Having such a master of the craft Francois Pistorius behind the lens put my fears at rest. It turned into an unforgettable experience filled with vivacious colors and fun. Then to top it off the final product really was a Cinderella moment for me turning an ordinary mom into a fearless fabulous fashionista. Highly recommended for anyone! - Michelle van Zyl ”

Colorful week !

It’s the start of a colorful week !

What is color to me. It’s not always about red , pink , yellow or blue. Color to me is a feeling , it’s being happy and working towards creating images which makes me feel something.

Color to me is to create a series of images which makes me think of elegance. A classic timeless beauty , not about beauty but the feeling evoked by listening to a Bob Dylan song which portrays a colorful character.

Lay Lady lay

Lay, lady, lay
Lay across my big brass bed
Whatever colors you have in your mind
I’ll show them to you and you’ll see them shine ”

Colorful moments in the Sun with Liezel !

A week in color with only one set in color. I love black and white , I think it really shows my classic style as a photographer. Once in a while when I see a color combination working well I will create that series but more often I choose whiskey colors or a black and white series. Every photographer has a unique voice , similar to a musician. It’s super important to find your voice or in photography terms , your style. I am a classic guy with a classic approach to my work. I love portraits , I love black and I love creating black and white photography. There is a lot of color in a black and white series. It allows me to capture the emotion and feeling in a raw and real way compared to always choosing color.

The goal is always to hero my subject. How do you get a professional women , a mom , a shy women , an adventurous women , a model or a women who hates photographs of herself in front of the camera ? You create something easy going but comfortable and create some magic.Create photographs true to your style. My years of being a photographer I have worked with many models who love the camera but even more so with women who has a love hate relationship with the camera. My way is to keep it easy and approachable , partner with a great designer and find a location which will compliment the shoot. My end goal is to create some magic , have fun and deliver images a women feels proud off. The series has to capture some moments of emotion , some realness and something beautiful and unexpected which only happens on the day , you can’t plan it.

Erika. Classic black and white film clip. Portrait series in Black & White.

So why did I add the series of nudes of a young women to the week of black and white and color portraits ?

The black and white story continues into next weeks blog post.

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