Sexy Sells

The one thing I am 100% sure of and know for a fact is that the life of a freelancer never ever stays consistent. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing either. It is a challenging process.

In the last year since I have moved from Cape Town to Pretoria I started changing my content and posts. A lot more of my posts and stories have been based around portraits , food , lighting and fashion work. What has happened is that my engagement has dropped tremendously. Why is that ? It is very simple , I stopped to post so much work photographed on the beach of local and International models.

You would think that your audience follows you for your photography and your skill but I beg to differ. I have seen in this last week how most of the people who follow me , male and female are all after the next image showing skin. All in a good way. I mean what is not to like about a girl on a beach. There is everything to like about it. It shows exactly what we all wnat to be doing everyday of our lives , or does it ?

Feminine Mother Nature

Rock Lily , A work of fine art , the female nude.

To continue my insight into my weekly story. I have since I posted the first nude on Saturday morning up to Tuesday this week received just over 4000 impressions on these 4 posts. That is double to triple higher than any other week this year.

Body Art , Lines in the Sand

The light on the beach early morning is beautiful. There is no one around apart from the early risers and swimmers and a few early dog walkers. What you see is the crisp light , hazy back light of the sunrise and the first strong shadows on the sand. The shadow have a morning blue tone. There are no footprints and all you hear is ocean.

It’s magic and paradise all at the same time right in the heart of the city , Cape Town.

So why does sexy sell ? The same reason why sex sells. It’s the ultimate freedom. Naked nude and free. It’s a bit daring and out of bounds , something private and special and only a certain few will be part of the story. It’s a luxury to work on the beach in a way these images have been created with a model who lives into every photograph and angle. It’s something rare but desired. It’s sexy but not sex , it’s art.

The early light creates long shadows , if you position a person in the right angle the light does all the work. The light highlights area’s to show enough but hides more. Soft silhouettes , sandy skin , unretouched photo’s in a playful but strong feminine way.

The answer to all of this is freedom. Why do we like nudes , why do we like nudes or bikini , swimsuit pictures on the beach. We are all looking for a bit of freedom. Freedom from everyday life , the allure of a holiday , lazy long summer days on the beach without much clothes on.

Every women wants to feel beautiful. Last week I posted a series of a mom who loved being in front of the camera but two weeks prior to the session was terrified about the idea. The mystery of maybe meeting the women in the photographs , it all creates a bit of romance.

We all wish to feel free.

I won’t be posting continuous nudes. I think the attention to my weeks work is incredible and I am grateful for that but my focus is not to post nudes every week in exchange for the highest engagement.. My focus as a photographer is to create stories. Stories which show what someone produced or created. Stories of someone. Stories of food and chef’s. My work as a photographer is to show people having fun. My photography is to show women enjoying being photographed and having to confidence to feel free without having to worry about too much make up or styling or the setting. A picture can show freedom and we can all feel free without being on a beach. Photographing nudes has a lot of power and freedom. It’s freedom of expression , freedom of time and confidence showing the joy of being one with nature. I work towards creating new projects which Inspires me to create diversity in the body of work I present.

Sexy sells. We all love creating art , lingerie , swimwear and nudes but the focus is always to create a story. A nude is beautiful but so is a flower , a garment , a portrait, a glass of bubbles in the sun or an oyster shell in your hand. All elements are raw in it’s own way. My work as an image maker is to entice the audience to make an oyster shell sexy which sells.