I saw an Angel in a Barn on a Farm

On a farm 5km outside of Moorreesburg on the West Coast, driving on a dirt road towards the Barn, I saw an Angel.

A hot West Coast summer day in the barn. 4 pm she was sitting in the barn. The heat was sweltering but the mood was Hot and sensual. A Quiet buzz.

We took to the open road out of Cape Town heading to the farm. My love for open roads and open spaces.
A dirty greasy tool shed, Iza looks beautiful against the rust-colored walls with small bits of ambient light sneaking in through the cracks. A combination of the two, a rusty working farm barn and a Brasilian girl in lingerie.

Life on the farm can be lonely. Who needs a stage or an audience. A rusty-dusty barn on a grain farm, let the play begin.

I have been mocked for years. I enjoy listening to country music and 60’s folk. I am a cowboy at heart yearning for open spaces, open roads and a big barn to use as a studio space to create magic in. The country music I am referring to is not just any piece of music. It’s the old school stories of Hank Williams, Wailin Jennings, Kenny Rogers, Emmy Lou Harris and the folk music of Bob Dylan and more modern music by Bruce Springsteen. All these stories evokes a sense of space and freedom, a struggle and strive story. The epitome of a cowboy series.

Why not shoot lingerie in a farm barn. She is a tomboy and a cowgirl. It’s a bit of a drive out of the City but a welcome scenery change. Dusty roads and sunsets that last forever over the rolling hills of the warm West Coast towns. Locations set the story. A lonely girl in a farm barn dressed up in Brasilian carnival accessories and lingerie moving through the highlights and soft shadows in the farm barn into the sunset on a quad bike. It’s adventure and romance with a country tune playing in the back of my mind. We snap frames as the daylight fades and the nightlights lit up. The light of the truck shines in through the barn door, a wheelbarrow as a prop, chains, and ladders to hang and climb onto. The hot wind blows over the hills into the farm as we strike the lights and so the story is done.

We saw an Angel in a toolshed on a West Coast farm in South Africa.

Lingerie Shoot with Brasilian model Iza Rocche.