Farewell 2019

31 December 2019. The year of the pig according to the Chinese zodiac is over.

2020 will be the year of the rat. The fashion color is classic blue. I see a Mickey Mouse driving a vintage blue sports car. Although Mickey Mouse is not a rat, rats and mice are rodents that constitute part of the subfamily Murinae in the family Muridae. The Old World house mouse is Mus musculus, the brown rat is Rattus norvegicus, so they are members of two different genera in that family.s.

Rats are highly intelligent and adapt quickly. Mice and rats are highly social animals. The rat meaning also indicates wealth, abundance, and fertility in Chinese culture.

It has been a year of intense learning. Mistakes, reinventing, researching, and testing.

I was based in Cape Town for 18 years moving around all over with my heavy camera bag. I was accustomed to living by the ocean. Beautiful nature, landscapes and places to photograph. Years of stepping into the streets and hopping onto beaches and planes as a photographer.

I moved to a bigger city n 2018, the Jacaranda city. A bold move for a creative used to a cosmopolitan city with diverse cultures and a more laid back pace. For 8 months I kept on working with Cape Town clients trying to build connections between the two cities. I met many but connected with very few. The few are immensely valuable to me.

With the digital age, many things are changing fast. Adapting is essential. Everyone is looking for the word fresh. I learned many valuable lessons in 2019. I made a few very big mistakes.
A new city teaches you many things. No change is always easy. You have to make your way over the cracks of the cliff. Try to change the way you think.

I am still a photographer. Today I create with many more mediums and work towards telling stories. If I had to take on a workshop or a lecture soon again my one tip would be, focus on stories. What is the value of creating for pure self-indulgence? Art? To be an artist is noble, desirable and admired. Creating stories moving the bottom line is adding value and feeding the undesired need. Both have an established place. The one just fits easier into a commercially driven world. Creating experiences combining the two into stories adds valuable marketing for any brand. A combination of the two is perfect. This will be my strategy in 2020.

My focus for 2020. Off all the things which come your way say no to 90%. Consider 10% and focus on the 1% percent. Find focus. Give all your effort. For many people more means more, for me, less is more. A simple path to do the work that matters most to me and show results.

Let it flow.

I don’t write many CTA’s

This drone photograph is one of my favorite recent images photographed in November. It reminds me of more carefree days living a stone throw away from the tidal pool. Opening my window to feel the fresh ocean breeze. Walking downstairs to grab a dark roasted americano watching the runners, cyclists and all the early risers walking on the promenade. There are many benefits to a cold water swim. Stepping over the sandy roks on a wind still morning as I make my way closer to the pool. I can feel the cold just by looking into the Atlantic seawater. The waves are feeding the pool with fresh salt. I dip my body into the water completely submerged. Ice cream headache. With my towel wrapped around me sipping lukewarm coffee, there is no better way to start the day after an icy swim.

Titled. Saunders Rock Tidal Pool December 2019
Printed on Fine Art Paper.
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