What will be on your plate in 2020?

What will be on your plate in 2020?

To my right is a glass of water with two slices of lemon. I take a sip of the water and bite into the lemon. The citric acid shoots through my taste buds as I pull a horror face. It’s fresh.

Living in South Africa, Eskom will be on your plate. Power, the ability or capacity to do something. I want to do a lot in 2020.

If you want to write, film, photograph, paint, design, cook, or tell stories, then do it.

Numero uno, do it.

What will be on your plate?

What will be on your plate?
A moveable feast,
a stripe of red,
paint a face.

Comfort or expressive,
tasty or experimental,
colorful or monotone,
plate something.

Private or shared,
delicate or starving,
plate or paint a picture
of a feast.

Flavors and smells,
strokes and shapes,
from the land,
from the sea,
what will it be?

Plate it fresh,
plate it with patience,
be delicate.

Feasting, sharing, tasting,
social, personal, engaging,
bright, hot, or cold.
What will be on your plate?


MR C Harties.

Mister C Harties