Let’s have cake after a summer swim.

For 364 days of the year, my polar watch demands activity. Today on my birthday, an image of a cake appears on the screen. The image resembles graphics out of the Packman era, a pixelated digital image with a communist feel to it. This watch commands you to follow orders, I am off the hook today, but only for a moment.

I recently moved car insurance. A new high tech insurance paired with a fancy app. If I brake hard, the app gives me a demerit point followed by a red star. The anxiety the tech world creates is concerning. My phone paired app would rather have me run over something as opposed to brake hard and avoid a psycho driver or a cat making a run for it.

Enough of that nonsense. High tec doesn’t always get it right.

The year started with pace. Photo, film, writing, painting and marketing projects. A lot to do, A lot to create. It’s humid with tropical rain. Drop the tools and head out for a swim. I find the allure of water mesmerizing.

This past Monday we produced a new short film with Kim and Erre Fashion. Diving underwater dressed in black Neoprene, floating gracefully, moving through the water bubbles.

Kim Rivalland & Erre Fashion.