North Star shining from the Bar

Phoned died,
locked out,
off the radar,
I fly.

Land with my feet in the hot sand,
fishing at sunrise,
bait hook fight,
The oceans jewels,
A fish in the boat.
Feet on the dune,
foot in the water,
Fly up fly low,
Magic in my frame.

Yellow and blue,
romantic hues,
dive in pop out,
View from above.

Twilight play,
colors of the night,
A fire cracks,
fresh fish,
windless nights,
Ice in my drink,
Balmy summer nights.

A thousand pictures,
a thousand words,
planning abundance,
details from the sky.

North Star Shining from the Bar,
Boats go by sparkling, shining in the lights from the star,
Look north, look south,
mesmerizing mermaid moments,
a sailors delight,
a patron’s eyes shining bright,
North Star Shining from the Bar.


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