Becoming an overnight success as an Artist

Becoming an overnight success as an Artist

What does it take to become an overnight success? It takes decades. It takes many failures and finding yourself in the wrong position to discover what you want to do.

Visual artist and graphic designer Mikael Brandrup talks about how he felt trapped running an agency at a very young age. It took decades to find his passion. It took guts to post art and keep going.

In the pursuit of earning a living, we create structures and work relationships that set us up for failure. Be brutal with yourself. Honesty leads to persuing the right work.

Ask for advice and help. Learn how to monetize your artwork. More often than not, keeping it simple is the path to follow. Running an office and a big list of clients is not always the right path. Find your thing, and work on it. It won’t happen overnight. It will happen when you create what inspires you. Be original, be authentic, and create a voice and a style. Work, try, fail, and start over. Hustle, and create as Michael Brandrup does.

If I told you a story, would you listen? I am a Brazilian woman.
I travel a lot, always short stays. My work moves me through cities and planes, onto the next one. I connect, but I don’t know you. If you could say one thing to me, what would it be? My heart is here, and I am present. I like it here, but I have to leave soon. The smell of the ocean and the night lights on the promenade, this place is special.

Step out, step in,
It’s windy but warm.
Love is all around us,
Summer nights, city lights.
Comfort fit in the golden light.

” It’s been a long time since I Rock n’ Rolled ” Led Zeppelin

Rock n’ roll daily,
Rock on,
Boogie to a new groove,
nothing stays the same and no
rock n’ roll day is ever the same.

Queen of Hearts

Elegantly swayed,
glamorously portrayed,
abstract heart,
flow with the wind.

It’s a hustle, shake and grind.

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