How to travel to the North Star Hotel without flying

How to travel to the North Star Hotel, without flying

It’s real. We have corona, the virus, and the beer.

If you are in South Africa, you can travel in your car. You can experience the Hotel through the blog, or you can buy a print.

The North Star Hotel is in Umhlanga Rocks. 26 Eastmoor Crescent, Umhlanga Rocks. A contemporary beach getaway.
Inspired by the changeable moods of the ocean, textures of nature, and warmth of the African east coast – The North Star is a shining example of modern South African living.

It’s warm throughout the year. You can swim in the pool at sunrise, enjoy breakfast next to the pool, lounge around, or have a beach picnic. The Belvedere bar livens up from four in the afternoon. Stories happen around colorful drinks and character-filled travelers. If you are lucky, you might see the North Star shining from the bar.

Colorful rooms and experiences served by people wearing bright tropical shirts.

Lots of activities are available to book. Ushaka aquarium is a visual feast. The best bunny chow is available. Umgeni River Bird Park walks you on a journey of colors and sounds in tropical nature. If you are craving fresh fish, fly a drone out over the ocean. The North Star team will guide you through the process. You might get lucky.

I can feel the sand between my toes and the waves soothing my soul.

Off to go Dorado fishing at The North Star Hotel.

Highlights of our adventure-filled week.

Floating into a summer room,
colors, design, and fresh fruit,
it feels like a tropical paradise.

Framed, photographed, inked, and printed into mortality. Honoring a fish after catching, barbecuing, and sharing freshly cooked fish around the fire pit.

The North Star Hotel Experience.